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We have extensive knowledge of a wide variety of radio devices. Learn history.
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Merritt Mobile Radio Repair: Serving Merritt and Surrounding Areas

Merritt Mobile Radio Repair sells, rents and services communication radios for commercial vehicles or anyone else in need of communication devices. We provide installation and maintenance for two-way radios, portable radios, cellular devices and CB radios. So if you or your business is in need of long or short-range communication devices, contact the specialists at Merritt Mobile Radio Repair.

Benefits of Radio Communication

There are many reasons why having radio communications for your business may be a good idea. Two-way and CB radios can offer instant communication, which can provide you with a means of updating your workforce about situations or changes that occur. You can also speak to many individuals all at once, cutting down on communication times and redundancies. Finally, when your work involves dangerous conditions, having radios on hand for instant contact may make the difference when accidents occur. If you have any questions about radios and portable communication devices, please do not hesitate to call upon Merritt Mobile Radio.

Service Area

  • Merritt
  • Hope
  • Manning Park
  • Princeton
  • Boston Bar
  • Lillooet
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